G Wagon Extended Brake Lines and Locker Lines ORC 2001-2018 G550 G500 G55 G63 AMG

ORC Extended Brake Lines and Locker Lines Set

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*If your G Wagon is a G55 AMG or is on one of the border years and you are unsure of which option to select or don't see an option for you model, please email us your VIN number to confirm fitment and to get a price quote.

The ORC Steel Flex Extended Brake Lines and Locker Lines are an upgrade to your existing G Wagon brake lines and locker lines and help allow wheel travel during off roading with a 2" or more lift. We recommend adding these anytime lifting your G Wagon beyond 40mm. At stock ride height, the brake/locker lines fit perfectly but after lifting the vehicle, you may find that your lines stretch all the way out when fully flexing and dropping the wheels from the body of the G Wagon. To counteract this, these extended brake/locker lines allow for full wheel travel without the risk of a major component failure while pushing your vehicle's limits.

Each vehicle has a slightly different experience when being lifted based on the load applied onto the vehicle and its intended use. Therefore, these extensions may not be necessary for every lift application such as those that intend to drive only on road but even so, if off roading or articulating the suspension are even a possibility, these are these are still recommended. The typical threshold for needing these extensions is beyond 40mm of lift above the stock ride height. But again, each vehicle varies. To best be sure, you can buy them at the time of purchasing your lift or come back and purchase them after the fact once you (or your mechanic) have had a chance to check the extension of the stock lines.

Professional installation is recommended on all brake line and locker line extensions.