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40mm Spring Spacers

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Want to lift your G but not ready to jump into a full lift kit yet? The 40mm Spring Spacers are a great starting point!

These spring spacers add 40mm (1.57") of lift to your current ride height and keep you from needing to add additional suspension pieces to your factory ride. The spacers are made of polyurethane and install above your current springs to give additional clearance for larger tires.

We recommend these spacers to owners looking to get a feel for lifting their vehicle. They work well for allowing taller tires to be run and in situations where mainly street use and "for show" is the focus. For on road use, nothing else is required when adding these spacers to your stock suspension.

If you are planning to take your truck off road, longer shocks are highly recommended and other suspension items may need to be considered as well. Using a longer springs instead of a spring spacers with factory springs will yield the most capable set up.

We do not recommend running spring spacers with the factory shocks for off road use because they inhibit the suspension cycle. They ultimately increase the "solid height" of your springs by 40mm meaning you shorten the up-travel of the wheels. The solid height is the point in which your springs fully compress and they can not collapse any further. They also expand the free length of your springs meaning that even with your factory shocks fully expanded, the springs are still under a significant load and want to expand further. This puts extra force on the shocks and can cause them to wear prematurely. Anytime you increase the height/length or extension of your springs, you should always consider increasing the extension of your shocks as well (at minimum).

If you already use lift springs and want to bump it up another 40mm, these will give you the additional clearance you need to run the next size up tire but again, other suspension components will be required. Going from a simple 2 inch lift to a 3.5-4" lift changes suspension geometry and requires more than just springs and shocks. Caster correction offset bushings, longer brake lines, adjustable panhard bars, and possibly more will be required at this point depending on the exact height you are gaining from the stock ride height as well as your specific vehicle model. 

If you have any questions or want to discuss your personal build with us, reach out to us by email at JackWagonOverlanding@gmail.com - we'd be happy to go over everything with you!