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Eurowise Caster Correction Offset Bushings

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The Caster Correction Offset Bushings adjust the caster angle back to the stock setting after lifting your G Wagon. This benefits the driving feel by aiding the suspension and braking system from increased forces that come after lifting your vehicle. A positive caster is required for a vehicle to function. Going to a negative caster angle will make the vehicle undriveable. For lifts beyond 50mm, these will not adjust your caster all the way back to stock. While these will help some, upgraded control/radius arms may be necessary.

If you have lifted your G, the suspension geometry has changed. This can be an issue because now, the suspension and braking components are facing higher forces while driving. The higher you lift your vehicle, the more neutral (and ultimately negative) your caster will go. As a rule of thumb, you always want your caster to be positive. While a 2" lift doesn't change the caster all that much, it does change it towards more neutral. The closer to neutral you get, the harder it will be to control the vehicle as this greatly effects the position, angle, and alignment of essential suspension and braking components. If your caster goes negative, it will become undriveable.

When it comes to W463 chassis the caster adjustments are fixed. This means there aren't any adjustments from the factory. When it comes to lifting the G-Class there's only a few options. Installing these Caster bushings, or installing new radius arms with caster built in. Luckily these bushings will fix your caster up to 50mm of lift. With the large costs of Radius arm replacement these are a great fix for small lifts. Anything above 50mm in lift will require new arms however.