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Koni Raid Shocks

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Sold individually. Please select number of front and rear shocks. A full set of four (4) would be 2 front and 2 rear.


  • KONl special technology, up-sized
  • Improved ride/handling. Rebound-adjustable off-the-vehicle. Solid, robust attachments welded all around (360 Degree)
  • New heat-resistant sealing technology for increased longevity
  • Large diameter to help with heat dissipation
  • Part # (Front) : 90-5383
  • Part # (Rear) : 90-5384

The Koni Raid shocks are the happy median between the AMG and non AMG shocks. While the AMG tends to be "too stiff", the non AMG is said to be "too loose". With the four adjustable options on the Raid shocks, you now have the ability to adjust your G Wagon ride just the way you want it. These beefy shocks make stock shocks look like twigs. This adds great stability and also dissipates heat when doing extreme driving to prevent them from breaking. 

The G Wagon is a monstrous vehicle, no doubt. Their presence in any terrain is like no other. However, the first thing you notice driving one is their handling due to the weight distribution and stock suspension. Whether an AMG or not, all Gs seem to be a bit unforgiving. After some serious research, we are happy to provide what we believe to be the best suspension set up on the market combing the Koni Shocks with the ORC Blue springs. Less rolling on corners and more comfortable rebound over obstacles.