About Us

Jack Wagon Overlanding is an off road and overland equipment provider specializing in the Mercedes G Wagon. Our goal is to allow you to get out and explore the world with those who matter most (even if its just you and your truck!). Each build is unique to its owner and we look to make your vision a reality. No two journeys are alike and for that reason, no two builds should be treated the same.

Have questions or comments for us? Don't see something you're looking for? Contact us by email at JackWagonOverlanding@gmail.com and tell us what you are wanting to do. No judgement here, we work with clients who never leave the pavement, clients who haven't seen city limits in months, and all those in between. The only thing that matters to us is getting you the items you need to go forward in your journey. We'll do what we can to guide you in the right direction and get you on your way! We welcome feedback and hope to include you into the growing JWO community. To us, it's more than just selling car parts. It's about expanding horizons, getting to be a part of the process, and allowing you to do more with your truck. We're here when you're ready!

Jack Wagon Overlanding is based at 5709 Broadway Ave #14279, Fort Worth, Texas, 76117. Some products may dropship from manufacturer locations.