G Wagon Lift Kit ORC Eibach Springs Fox Shocks Koni Raid Shocks 2 inch lift suspension kit for Mercedes Benz G Wagon Off Road
G Wagon Lift Kit Eibach ORC Springs Koni Raid Shocks Fox Shocks 2 inch lift suspension kit for Mercedes Benz G Wagon off road
G Wagon Lift Kit ORC Eibach Springs Fox Shocks Koni Raid Shocks 2 inch lift suspension kit for Mercedes Benz G Wagon Off Road

2 Inch Lift Kit (W463 Models)

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**For inquiries outside the lower 48, please contact us for a shipping quote at JackWagonOverlanding@gmail.com**

NOTICE 1: Fox Shocks has discontinued their adjustable shock option specifically for the G as of July 2020. HOWEVER, we are able to offer a different Fox adjustable shock modified specifically for the G Wagon by EuroWise. Typically in stock in 1-2 weeks but lead times may vary. Please contact us for availability.

NOTICE 2: King Shocks for 2013-2018 models will require modification to run the front shocks. Passenger side requires slight trimming on the wheel well, driver side will require removing the secondary mounting bracket entirely. Please be aware of this before purchase and contact us if you have questions regarding installation.

NOTICE 3: For lifts of 50mm and beyond, we recommend the ORC Extended Brake Lines. The ORC springs provide a 40mm lift and are below the threshold. When using the ORC Springs, most clients have not needed the extended brake lines. The OME springs provide a 50mm lift and the Thor Springs provide a 50-70mm lift. For either of these options, extended brake lines are recommended and may be necessary.

Interested in Thor Springs? Shoot us a message. We have those available in limited quantities as well.


  • 2 Front Springs
  • 2 Front Shocks
  • 2 Rear Springs
  • 2 Rear Shocks

This is a 2 inch lift kit for your Mercedes G Wagon W463 models up to 2018. Actual ride height gained may vary from G to G based on equipment. Available for all models up to 2018. This will give your vehicle a more aggressive stance and allow for higher ground clearance to the vehicle underbody including the low hanging exhaust pipes. This is the perfect lift amount for those not wanting to buy additional pieces to get their G Wagon off the ground. For G Wagons, any lift beyond 2 inches requires caster correction and steering stabilization as well as other small adjustments that begin to add up.

The spring options in this package are the ORC/Bilstein Blue Springs and the Old Man Emu (OME) Black Springs. Both offer a Standard and Heavy Duty option. The standard option is for non steel bumper/winch, gasoline operated G Wagons and the heavy duty option is for the steel bumper/winch gasoline operated or diesel operated G Wagons. The ORC springs provide a 40mm lift and are softer compared to the OME springs and allow for a more comfortable ride and better off road capability. With these installed, the rear end will sit higher with no load to allow for some sag when carrying equipment or pulling a trailer without bottoming out. The OME springs provide a 50mm lift and are stiffer and allow for better overland excursions where there is a heavy load in the rear of the truck. Because the OME springs are so stiff, they will not sag as much with extra weight on the truck.

The shock options are the Koni Raid, Fox 2.0 Adjustable, King 2.5 Adjustable, and the Ohlins Two-Way Adjustable Shocks. The Fox and King shocks come with an adjustable knob that allows you to customize your ride at any time. The Ohlins 2-Way Adjustable Shocks come with not just one but two knobs per shock that allow for fine adjustments to the compression and rebound independently - by far the most customizable of the bunch. The Koni Raid shocks are also adjustable but can only be adjusted by twisting the shock while it is uninstalled. Koni has the largest diameter of the bunch followed by King, with Fox and Ohlins at the smallest.