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H&R Wheel Spacers

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The H&R Wheel Spacers give your G the stance it needs! Available in 30mm and 50mm, the wheel spacers widen your wheel stance to provide more stability and balance while driving both on and off road.

Not a cheap counterpart, H&R Wheel Spacers are top of the line. When it comes to changing items on or around your wheels, you don't want to take any shortcuts. The best method for widening your stance is choosing a new rim with a more negative offset. However, the G Wagon has a limited amount of after market wheels and even fewer that are suitable for off road. Therefore, these wheel spacers are the next best option.


  • 'Perfect fit' hubcentric design
  • Durable lightweight aluminum/magnesium alloy
  • Wheel load rating: 1050 Kg
  • Comes with special bolts to bolt wheel spacer to wheel hub. (Separate bolts required to bolt wheel to wheel spacer - factory bolts may be an option if they are not warn)
  • 5 x 130mm Bolt Pattern
  • 14 x 1.5 bolt thread of high strength steel inserts in aluminum plate to insure high quality and safe wheel connection
  • Bore center 84mm