hutchinson rock monster 1174 gmc chevy dodge 1 ton axle jeep double beadlock

Hutchinson 17" Beadlock Wheels - Rock Monster 1174 (for GMC, Chevy, Dodge, and Modded Jeeps)

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Lead time is 6-8 weeks as these are always made to order.

WILL NOT FIT MERCEDES G WAGON. FOR GMC, Chevy, Dodge, and Jeeps with appropriate axles and bolt pattern.

We have local stock in Texas of a variety of Hutchinson Spare/Replacement Parts. Already have these wheels but need spare/replacement parts? Message us for availability and pricing.

This is a 17" Cast Aluminum, DOT compliant, street legal, military grade double beadlock wheel By Hutchinson Industries. The Rock Monster by Hutchinson features an internal double beadlock system that gives you the best of both worlds as it delivers unparalleled traction capability and safety while operating off-road, in a design that is street legal. Between the external bolts compressing the tire and the internal rubber beadlock pressing the tire outward, an extremely tight "pinch" is created to fully lock the tires in place.

Once Rock Monster wheels are installed, you have the ability to easily air down into single digit psi tire pressures without the risk of losing a tire due to de-beading. Because this is a true two piece, double beadlock wheel, the entire front face of the wheel is bolted to the cylinder shell of the wheel which allows for superior protection and minimizes the chance of the beadlock being damaged during off road use.

Many systems involve a one piece wheel and include a separate beadlock "ring" or "lip" that bolts around the outer diameter of the one piece wheel which can fail if the ring is damaged and cause the tires to come loose. With the Hutchinson design, this situation is nearly impossible due to their construction. For optimal air down capability and the most technical off road use, these wheels are unrivaled. 

Purchase includes the inner/outer wheel, o-ring, valve, TPMS sensor mounting hardware, rubber internal beadlock, all bolts and nuts, nut caps, and installation manual. No special tools are required to mount or change tires as these wheels were designed to be changed out in the field.

Available Finishes:
-Black Wheel with Black Caps
-Light Argent Wheel with Black Caps
-Sparkle Silver Wheel with Silver Caps (pictured) 

Model: WA-1174
Rim Size: 17 x 8.5
Offset: -0.39 in [-9.9 mm]
Bolt Pattern: 8 Holes on Ø6.5 in [165.1 mm] B.C.D.
Hub Bore: : Ø4.774 in [121.3 mm]
Load Rating: : 2900 lb @ 60 psi [1315.4 kg @ 4.14 bar]
Weight: 42 lb [19.1 kg]