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JWO 15mm Leveling Spring Spacers

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**For inquiries/orders outside the USA, please contact us for a shipping quote at JackWagonOverlanding@gmail.com to complete your order**

For any G Wagon that does not have a balanced ride height from front to rear, side to side, or at any corner, these 15mm (0.6”) leveling spring spacers are a great solution. Not designed to be used as a “lift kit”, these 15mm spacers are sold individually and are meant to level out your truck where a sag or lean may be present. These spacers were 100% designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA by Jack Wagon Overlanding. The spacers are made of polyurethane and install above your current springs to level out your truck.

With any suspension setup, whether lifted or at factory ride height, the intended outcome by the manufacturer is generally to have the truck either completely level or have the rear end sit slightly higher so it can level out once weight is added (also known as a “rake lift”). While these may be ideal, they are not always the end result. Varying curb weights across G Wagon models and varying loads added to the G means varying ride heights with any spring that is added. Each spring design has unique benefits and we aim to offer a variety of spring options to best meet the demands of each G and its intended use. However, after all of this consideration, the truck still may not sit perfectly.

Up to now, we have come across G Wagons with 4 main ride height concerns:

  1. The rear end sits higher than the front – “Rake Lift”. In some cases, this ride height configuration is actually intentional to allow for more weight to be added to the rear axle of the truck. Once weight is added, the truck levels out. However, some owners do not intend to add heavy loads and want to do away with this variance.
  2. The front end sits higher than the rear – “The Sick Dog Lift”. Trucks sag in the rear end when excess weight has been added to the rear or when the front end of the truck is lighter than usual (V6 and other smaller engines).
  3. One side of the G sits higher than the other – “The G Lean”. We have a few theories on why this may happen but this can be caused by uneven weight distribution from side to side.
  4. One corner of the truck sits lower than the rest of the truck – “hmm…”. This is another phenomenon possible with any spring setup which can again be caused by uneven weight distribution, a spring with a slightly lower actual spring rate, or other strange occurrences.

In all of these situations, the use of our 15mm spring spacers can negate the ride height variances and give you a more level look. Please be advised that while the spring spacers will minimize ride height variances, they are not a substitute for broken/worn springs or other faulty suspension pieces. In some cases, new springs or other suspension pieces may need to be installed instead.

How do the spacers fix these issues:

  1. When a rake lift is present, installing a spring spacer onto both of the front springs would help level out the ride. The front of the truck would be raised 15mm from where it previously sat and the rear end would remain at the same height. In this case you would purchase 2 FRONT spring spacers.
  2. When your truck drags its rear end like a sick dog, installing a spring spacer onto both of the rear springs would raise the rear end of the truck by 15mm and the front end would remain at the same height. In this case you would purchase 2 REAR spring spacers.
  3. When your truck leans to the driver or passenger side, installing a spring spacer onto the front and rear springs of the sagging side would raise the sagging side by 15mm and the other side would remain at the same height. In this case you would purchase 1 FRONT spring spacer and 1 REAR spring spacer.
  4. If you have one corner of the truck that sits lower than the rest of the truck, installing a spring spacer onto the sagging corner would raise this corner by 15mm and the other corners would remain the same. In this case you would purchase either 1 FRONT spring spacer or 1 REAR spring spacer.

We designed these spring spacers to provide 15mm of lift as this is a safe and acceptable alteration to make on any suspension setup without the need for further suspension pieces to be added. As these spacers are a fixed height, they may not level out the truck 100% but will minimize the ride height variances and reduce the noticeable difference in all of the situations listed above. To perfectly level the truck, an adjustable coilover or air ride suspension would be the most likely solutions beyond a new spring setup and both of these options would be much more costly than these spacers. These spacers are an affordable solution to leveling your G Wagon.

Because these spacers install with the springs used on the vehicle, you can easily calculate the height that will be added to the G after install. However, this also means that if you have old or worn springs that are providing poor ride quality, this will most likely still be the case unless the springs themselves are switched out. If you feel the ride quality is acceptable and simply want to make a ride height adjustment, these are the way to go.

If you have questions about if these are right for you or what configuration we recommend, please reach out to us at JackWagonOverlanding@gmail.com