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JWO Factory Ride Height Coil Springs (For W460/461/463 models -2018)

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Since our inception, lifting G Wagons has been one of our favorite things to do. However, we realize there are many Mercedes G-Class owners who want to keep their G at stock ride height, maintain a period correct look, and optimize the on-road handling of the G. For those looking to maintain the original factory ride height and upgrade to an OEM replacement spring equivalent without over-spending, this complete set of 4 springs, proudly made in the USA, is for you.

Over time, springs will inevitably wear out. As they wear, they will begin to sag and can ultimately break or snap in extreme situations. Because of this, it is always recommended to replace your vehicle springs at some point during the vehicle's lifetime. Additionally, G owners have expressed that certain OEM springs (typically the G55 and G63 AMG options) are too stiff, too bumpy, and too harsh on road. Even those who have the more preferred G500 and G550 springs find that although the ride is more comfortable, the G can have a bit of a rake lift and for those not looking to overland or weight down their truck, the rake (added height in the rear) isn't necessary. Lastly, when going to replace factory springs, G Wagon owners can quickly be reminded of the prices of OEM Mercedes Parts...

With all of this in mind, we developed an affordable, OEM style, factory ride height spring option that should benefit G Wagon owners that want to freshen up their ride. Our springs provide a similar feel to non AMG factory springs that we describe as "comfortable" yet "not too soft". We also balanced out the height of our front and rear springs to give a more level stance front to back so there is no more "rake" lift or "G-lean" side to side. Focused mainly on the on-road feel and OEM aesthetic, these springs will be the baseline for a smooth, responsive suspension set up for you G Wagon.

These springs are suitable for all G Wagons (W460/W461/W463 models) up to 2018. These will not fit the 2019+ W463A chassis. While older models and SWB models that are lighter weight may receive some slight lift from these springs, we still recommend these as a restoration option as the difference will be negligible.