JWO Front Steel Detachable Winch Bumper (for G500, G550, and G55 AMG Models Up to 2015)

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**For inquiries/orders outside the USA, please contact us for a shipping quote at JackWagonOverlanding@gmail.com to complete your order**

This item is currently being Made To Order. Please allow 6 weeks from time of purchase for item to be completed. 

*All sensors will be functional when winch tray is not connected. When winch tray is connected, Parktronic sensors will not be operable and Distronic functionality may vary.

Since we launched back in 2018, I've been asked repeatedly why we didn't have a steel front bumper or a winch installed on the "Jack Wagon".. The answer: The JWO Front Steel Detachable Winch Bumper designed and manufactured 100% in the USA for all G500, G550, and G55 AMG models up to 2015. This will not fit 2013-2018 G63 models and will not fit 463A models (2019-2023). Bumper can be made to fit 460 or 461 models upon request. After imagining and conceptualizing for years and several months of actual design work, prototyping, and testing, we finally got it done. Inspired by the original Mercedes Benz Tow Pin Bumper which was designed to move Gs or adjoined vehicles/obstacles via a tow pin that slid vertically in and out of the front bumper and a tow strap, we have designed a fully functioning adaptable winch bumper that offers a variety of benefits over any other bumper in the G Wagon market.

Bumper Includes:
-Detachable Winch Tray - *Only compatible with this bumper*
-Original MB Tow Pin
-2 D-Rings for use on the 2 bumper tow hooks
-Mounting Hardware to mount the bumper onto the truck
-Textured Black or Smooth Satin Black Powder Coating
-Optional cutouts, bracketry, and mounting hardware for any/all MB sensors (Parktronic and/or Distronic). For models without these features, the cutouts shown are left uncut and the accompanying items are left out of the kit.
-Optional Baja Designs S2 Lights, cutouts, bracketry, mounting hardware, and wiring adapter harness for models with factory fog lights or clients that want to upgrade their bumper to include these. *Factory fog lights will not fit into this bumper. For any model with factory fog lights, the S2 lights must be used in their place and this is done simply by unplugging the factory fog lights and plugging in the wiring adapter followed by the Baja S2 lights in their place. For models that don't have factory fog lights but wish to add the Baja Designs fog lights to the bumper, a separate wiring harness will need to be purchased to hardwire the lights into the truck as with any additional auxiliary lighting option.

"Factory Sensors on Your Vehicle": Select the Sensors that your vehicle has. Parktronic is the 6 circular sensors laid out along the top line of the bumper used to determine how close you are to an obstable when parking or at low speeds. Distronic is the ball shaped sensor offset from center of the bumper that is used to control the adaptive cruise control on your vehicle.
"Fog Light Integration?": This is to include the Baja Designs S2 Flush Mount lights and necessary hardware/wiring to be used as upgraded fog lights. If your bumper has factory fog lights, choose "yes". If your bumper does not have factory fog lights but you want to add them, choose "yes" (you will need a separate wiring harness - not included - to make these fog lights functional). If your bumper does not have factory fog lights and you do not want to add fog lights, choose "no".
"Powder Coat Finish": This bumper is offered in textured black (pictured on "Jack Wagon") or satin black powder coat finish only. The gold and bronze configuration pictured was used for promotional use only and will not be offered as a retail option. For any other paint or powder coat finish options, please email your request to JackWagonOverlanding@gmail.com PRIOR to purchase for approval and quote.

As with anything we make, we wanted to introduce something that was aesthetically pleasing as well as an option that met or exceeded goals that had not been achieved in the past. Our main challenges for this project:
1. Don't need a winch all the time and don't like having an oversized bumper when winch is not needed
2. Some current offerings don't support MB sensors, lights, coolers, and even require modification to simply fit the bumper onto the truck
3. Some current offerings are too bulky
4. Some current offerings don't seem very "heavy duty"

What did we do?
1. We developed a detachable winch tray that is included with the purchase of this bumper. Up to now, most bumpers that support a winch require mounting the winch directly into the bumper and therefore can greatly decrease approach angles, look overly large on the tall and slim stature of the G, take up unnecessary space in parking spaces and other tight places, and leave an empty gap in the bumper when winches are removed. You can now have a refined bumper design that is slimmer than other winch bumpers when the winch tray is removed and connect the winch tray when necessary. Leaving the G stored with a winch exposed to elements for a prolonged time can cause rapid aging to winch components so now you have the ability to use the winch during the adventure season and remove it to safely store it when it's not needed. Not using the detachable winch tray? Add a 10" Baja Designs S8 Light Bar in the winch tray pocket in the bumper specifically designed to fit.

Our Detachable Winch Tray not only connects to the bumper using an MB Tow Pin but also mounts to both tow hooks on the bumper via the supplied D-Rings. The two tow hooks on our bumper mount directly to the frame. With this design we have eliminated any "pivot point" when using a winch - as it was when only the tow pin secured a winch to the bumper. You now have three points of contact which secure the winch in every direction for optimal usage in a variety of orientations without fear of bending the bumper or winch tray. While the Detachable Winch Tray is installed, the two D-Rings remain usable as their own independent recovery points in addition to supporting the winch tray. Even without the winch installed, the two tow hooks that are mounted directly into the frame of the truck remain for the untimely events when someone is stuck and you don't have the winch available. Through our initial testing phase, we concluded that it is more likely that the frame of the truck itself will begin to deform before our bumper or winch tray so with this, we recommend the use of a 10k Load Rated Winch like the Superwinch SX10SR. Our winch tray has the standard (4.5" x 10") winch mounting holes and a front plate with typical fairlead mounting holes and cutout for winch line to run through.

2. Our bumper is designed to fit (when applicable) Parktronic sensors with factory mounting pieces, Disctronic sensor with a supplied bracket and mounting hardware, Baja Designs S2 fog lights in place of factory fog lights with supplied brackets, hardware, and wiring adapters, and finally, the coolers of all G500, G550, and G55 AMG models in their factory location. This minimizes installation costs and effort during install while some other options require a good bit of modification to truly fit the truck. *At this time, we have confirmed 100% fitment of the G500 and G550 coolers but have only simulated the fit of G55 AMG coolers. There appears to be room but for now, we will note that their *may* be modification required to fit both G55 coolers into their factory locations. Given that all coolers remain in their factory locations, we have provided ample airway slots to keep air flowing directly to the coolers through our bumper and winch tray. Our bumper also bolts directly to the frame at the factory mounting points via supplied hardware. Our bumper to frame mounting brackets are significantly reinforced over factory options and any other bumper we have seen on the market.

3. We tightened up the faces of our bumper to only provide the space needed inside to install sensors and coolers and a large enough platform for our detachable winch tray to latch onto the bumper. If there wasn't a need for a piece of the bumper, we took it out or cut it down to give the sleekest possible design and provide maximum approach angles and aesthetics to the front end of the truck given the adaptation of a detachable winch setup.

4. For the technical folks out there, our bumper and detachable winch tray are constructed entirely out of 1/4" steel. The only exceptions to this are the bumper to frame brackets/tow hooks and the sensor/light/cooler mounting tabs. The bumper to frame brackets themselves are 1/2" thick steel and we also welded an additional 1/4" piece of steel to the inside face of these brackets effectively providing two 3/4" tow hooks on the outside face of the bumper to both use as recovery points and as two of the three mounting points for our detachable winch tray. No plastic covers. No thin sheet metal to form a "shell" around the bumper. This is a heavy duty, USA designed, manufactured, and tested bumper and arguably one of the stoutest in the commercial vehicle world. With all of this, the bumper itself weighs in UNDER 90 lbs and the winch tray weighs in at roughly 20 lbs. With a 10k winch installed, there is approximately 125-150 lbs total added weight over the factory bumper which, on a 6000 lb truck, is an insignificant difference.

Countless days and months were spent trying to figure out how to refine and make this the most beneficial bumper possible. It might not be perfect but we tried to cover it all. Even so, we may have missed something. For any questions, recommendations, or potential custom modifications to our design, please reach out to us at JackWagonOverlanding@gmail.com and we will do what we can to make our bumper work for your needs.

Items NOT INCLUDED in this purchase that can be added:
-Superwinch SX10SR which is our choice in winch providing a reliable winching option that includes LED scene lighting for situations where you need to winch in the dark.
-Rough Country Winch Quick Disconnect Wiring Harness - or similar - to fully utilize our detachable winch tray configuration. With a quick disconnect wiring harness, you can disconnect the winch wiring leads directly behind the winch when you need to remove it and plug it right back in when you're ready to use again. No need to undo wiring into the engine bay or into the cabin of the truck.
-JWO Bolt-On Bull Bar - we originally planned to offer these as weld on options but due to shipping constraints and trying to offer this bumper at the most affordable pricing, we decided on bolt on solutions which can easily be changed out, removed, or added when desired. Both the full size Bull Bar and the smaller Bull Ring have the same outer diameter as the factory "brush guard" so any auxiliary lighting used on your factory brush guard can be carried over to one of these items or instead mounted directly onto the bumper if you choose. These will be bolted directly onto the bumper via grade 8 hardware and will be considerably stronger than the factory brush guards which can actually cause more harm than good in impact situations.
-10" Baja Designs S8 Light Bar - for those who don't intend to use a winch full time and want to utilize the open space in the winch tray pocket, we designed the pocket specifically big enough and with holes cut out to fit this light bar. Now you can add additional light seamlessly without any drilling or modifying. Just wire it up and you are good to go.
-Other additional adaptable items to come