g wagon old man emu springs 2 inch lift for mercedes g wagon g wagen OME lift kit
g wagon old man emu springs 2 inch lift for mercedes g wagon g wagen OME lift kit
g wagon old man emu springs 2 inch lift for mercedes g wagon g wagen OME lift kit

Old Man Emu Springs

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For inquiries outside the lower 48, please contact us for a shipping quote at JackWagonOverlanding@gmail.com

Sold in pairs. A selection of one front spring and one rear spring will give you a full set for your G Wagon.

Old Man Emu front springs are available in two variations. The 3028 is suitable for V6 and smaller engines as well as G500 models of year 2008 and older that do not have a front winch bumper. The 3029 is suitable for V8 models 2009 and newer, heavy diesel engines, and the G55 as well as models equipped with winch bumper up front. The 3030 rear springs are universal for all applicable G Wagons (2018 and older).

Both the 3028 and 3029 will technically fit all w463 models, the 3029 is just 10mm taller to accommodate for the added weight of the newer models and aftermarket equipment so the truck sits more level.

The Old Man Emu springs stiffer springs compared to other aftermarket G Wagon springs. To accommodate for stiffness/high spring rate, the uncompressed length of the springs (when uninstalled from the vehicle/with no load) is shorter than the stock springs but still provide 50mm of lift compared to the stock springs. Because of their high spring rate (stiffness), they do not sag when heavily loaded. Because they are stiffer, they can sustain a heavy load and not be overly compressed causing the truck to sag. The ride is noted to be stiffer than other options and most closely compared to the AMG factory ride feel which will allow for better street performance driving and heavily loaded overland adventures. For low/no load off road trips or a more comfortable ride, we would recommend a softer spring.

*For any lift of 50mm and beyond, we recommend the use of the ORC Extended Brake Lines. Because the OME Springs provide a 50mm lift, we recommend these extensions. The ORC Extended Lines prevent the over extension of the factory brake lines when off roading and flexing the wheels of the G Wagon. You can purchase those here: